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Adventures in Freelance Researching

Last Friday I finished up a freelance project that lead me to daydream about Iowa’s mid-19th century railroad schemes. I followed up on an ad circulated through our department’s listserv to make contact with an independent researcher out of Missouri.

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Library Workers: Facts and Figures published

PDF viewable/downloadable here. To follow up on previous diversity discussions, people of color comprise 16%* of librarians (9% Black, 5% Latino, and 2% Asian). Regarding gender, 83% of librarians are women, and with MLS enrollment at 81% women, the trend

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Smarter SmartSearch: Academic Libraries vs. Google Scholar

Last night I finished Siva Vaidhyanathan’s Googlization of Everything, and rather than being scared away from customized search after reading the book, I find I am more drawn to it, especially when thinking about how to improve search for academic libraries.

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Video: Why do librarians need a master’s?

Great video by a SLIS student at Syracuse, Dan Enders. Thirty-second answer to “Why does one need a master’s degree to become a librarian?” is proposed at minute 2:20. Enders addresses the question from a school media and teacher-librarian perspective.

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Book Review: Alone Together

The following book review was turned in for an assignment in my Research Methods class. We were required to choose a book that required intensive research in its development process. I chose Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together: Why We Expect More

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Motivation Monday: Get on up!

Get up early, you’ll thank yourself for it. Best thing I did to start my week out right was to get out of bed early despite how bad my aching throat and lungs wanted me to continue sleeping. I am

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Second semester plans and projects

Second semester of my LIS program is well under way, and with two weeks to go until midterms, I feel like I’ve finally got a plate full enough to feast off of. For the past month, I’ve only been working

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Motivation Monday: In with the New

Trying something different gives you new respect for the old while opening up possibilities. Today’s application of that was returning to the elliptical after a much-treadmilled absence, with the addition of upper body exercises while on the machine. How will

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