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Second semester plans and projects

Second semester of my LIS program is well under way, and with two weeks to go until midterms, I feel like I’ve finally got a plate full enough to feast off of. For the past month, I’ve only been working

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Writing Histories: Raising the (Not) Dead

Today, on this Blizzaster #snOMG day of shoveling and holing up, I was reminded that some of the authors we read for class are still alive and teaching. These first few weeks of the spring semester have covered two French

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Social Media Policies for Professionals

Having successfully navigated through the first two months of my graduate program, I’m painfully aware of the culture clashes among my various worlds. I could act one way while in college, another way in the workplace, and a radically different

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Digital libraries, part 2

Yesterday I spent time thinking about the competition aspect of digital libraries and their decisions for web design. Today I’d like to explore the relationships between the fields of digital librarianship and journalism a little more in depth. The professional

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Digital libraries: a noob’s thoughts

So yeah, how important *is* interface design to the life of a digital library? I will definitely be looking into this more.

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