Summer Freelancing Work

I’m dedicating part of my time this summer to freelance projects, something I might not get to do after completing my MLIS degree and getting a FT job (*crosses fingers*).

I’ll be contributing a few pieces to local media outlets, Little Village (where I was the editor) and Iowa City’s Patch site (where I know the editor). For Patch, I got to write up a piece reviewing Iowa City’s handmade veggie burger options, something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now but never have had the time or audience.

Will be doing some event coverage for Patch tonight and looking forward to it. Since when have I looked forward to event coverage? Not my favorite kind of story assignment, but this event is the kind of love-yr-neighbor, love the music event that give Iowa City its siren song, making this place so easy to love and so hard to leave.

The work I’m doing for Little Village is still getting fleshed out, but will link to it once it’s published.

Here’s to an active and productive summer!

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